• Emmanuella Lambropoulos

    Députée / Member of Parliament for Saint-Laurent

  •                                    Alan DeSousa, FCPA, FCA

                                                                        The Mayor of Saint-Laurent

  • Bonnie Crombie

    Mayor, City of Mississauga



PCBC (Pakistan Canada Business Chamber) is a registered Not-For-Profit organization. PCBC was established by a group of successful and aspiring business personalities with a sole purpose of inspiring trade and investment opportunities among the Canadian and Pakistani business communities. PCBC provides a platform for the exchange of constructive ideas about mutual trade development including facilitating Pakistani product acceptability in Canada and exploring market viability of Canadian products in Pakistan. With globalization and rapidly changing geopolitical environment the current international trade is going through amazing and interesting phases and the Canadian business communities have to rise to the new challenges. In this regard PCBC aims to facilitate professional business entities from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds to connect and explore new avenues with tremendous growth potential.


It gives me great pleasure to state that this is a special time in our chamber’s history, as we completed our first year by achieving much more than our initial expectations. We began our journey in August 2016, under extreme challenges, but with a resolve to build our forum to its true potential based on its ideology and competitiveness.
We have continuously strived to achieve our objectives within a short span of time. Our name has already become synonymous with our commitments to assisting our trade communities in terms of sharing knowledge, products and creative innovations. We are building a platform poised for the future and appropriated by a well-thought- out strategy of vertical integration and diversification. As a result we have been able to respond to greater opportunities, in those markets where we as individuals have traditionally served, while also creating synergetic opportunities in new areas of bi-lateral trade between Pakistan and Canada. With a revitalized zeal, vision and commitment to strengthening and growing for common good, we plan to lead into the future as the apex facilitation entity for trade promotion.
I would like to show my gratitude to all PCBC members and patrons for their valuable contributions and professional commitments. I specially want to thank all our sponsors and businesses, for their trust in our capabilities and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership in the years to come. I am also indebted to the public representatives and relevant government functionaries of Canada and Pakistan, especially Canadian trade ministry, Canadian high commission in Pakistan, high commission of Pakistan and Canada and boarder security of Canada for their encouragement and all out support.